The best way to send donations globally

Send donations to causes around the world quickly, securely and cost-
effectively with Goodstack’s global donation rails. It’s a win-win-win.

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Build giving into what you do, in just a few lines of code

Save engineering time with our APIs, SDKs and pre-built components that work with your existing tech stack — not the other way around.

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Global payments

Go global with smooth disbursements

Send donations using Goodstack’s disbursement rails. Save on transfer fees for cross-border donations with our real FX rate and flat, domestic pricing on all transactions (no skimming or hidden fees involved). And enjoy automated tax receipting and auditing.


Track and manage everything in one place

See all your transactions and transfers to understand how funds are moving, at any time. React to social trends as they develop to drive customers to your brand in support of their favourite causes.


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Customer giving

Build donation experiences inside your digital product or marketing, and make it easy for customers to donate to the causes they care about.

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Embed unique donation experiences into payments and give customers the choice over how much they donate

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Give customers the opportunity to round up their purchases and transform checkout experiences.

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Co-create content with customers to promote causes and encourage more donations.

Workplace giving

Happy teams make for a healthy business. Boost employee satisfaction and retention by embedding fundraising, payroll giving and corporate matching into your everyday.

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Make it easy for your people to donate to the causes they care about with Goodstack’s global disbursement rails.

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Payroll giving

Automate giving by building donations into your payroll software, without disrupting its flow.

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Corporate matching

Financially match donations that your employees make — without having to lift a finger.

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Let your customers take the reigns

Support the causes your customers care about. Influence buying behaviour by giving folks total choice over where their donations go — from international nonprofits to local efforts within their own communities.

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Keep your donations under lock and key

Goodstack adheres to ISO27001 code compliance and bank-level standards in handling your donations. It goes without saying that security is our top priority.

All the tools you need
to send donations globally

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180+ countries: Make donations to nonprofits globally.

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Hosted gateway

Let us handle the donation experience and get live faster.

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The donation experience customised to your user’s preferred language.

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Apple and Google Pay

Low effort wallet payments.

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Get the peace-of-mind that a nonprofit actually
exists and meets your eligibility criteria.

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Save time and money by verifying nonprofits in just a few minutes via our API.

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Access the world’s largest ESG and nonprofit database, all validated by Goodstack.

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Build brand engagement, drive NPS, and increase
customer acquisition. All in one go.

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