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Thousands of leading brands and causes connect using Goodstack’s global donations infrastructure — driving ROI while changing the world, for good.

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The Goodstack Platform

Lead with Purpose, see results

Quickly and easily build purpose into what you do with Goodstack’s global donations infrastructure. The result? Better customer engagement, a more inspired workforce.

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Connect with causes

Tap into the world’s largest database of verified causes, including nonprofits, healthcare, social impact orgs, education and many more.

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For causes

Are you a cause?

Secure more donations and access our global marketplace of discounted products.

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Low and no-code solutions

Go live and connect with millions of causes from every country worldwide, with just a few lines of code. Then keep on top of your impact and ROI via our dashboard.

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"Asana launched Goodstack's validation API for nonprofit and education organizations. The streamlined application process reduced our customer response by 11 days and increased our conversion rate by 10%. The Goodstack team is easy to work with and willing to co-create processes to support your customer and business impact goals."

Jaime Coleman

Head of Nonprofit and Education, Asana

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"Since integrating with Goodstack we have seen key improvements and efficiencies across our social impact programs: increased nonprofit customer impact, a reduced burden on our customer support teams, and we have been able to maintain a clearer and more transparent set of guidelines for eligible organizations."

Taylor Light

Foundation Director, Atlassian

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"Goodstack has enabled Splunk to issue product donations faster and with more confidence ensuring we can have even more impact globally."

Lee Ray Johnson

Global Nonprofit Product & Training Donation Manager, Splunk

We’re powering purpose
in every organization


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Our dream is to build good into the fabric of everything we do. That means making it easy to donate to the causes we care about, without the bureaucracy or the barriers.

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Let purpose take you Arrows icon further

Get connected with a product expert and learn about the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to build good into what you do.